Lucy Dacus is undeniably a talented musician who has created an incredible body of work. So it’s not always easy to point at a few of her songs and say “these are essential”. There may be some debate between fans, but these are our picks for essential Dacus listening.

“Night Shift” starts with a soft guitar that comes into Dacus’ warm and rich voice. It almost teases the ear like a whisper as the melody soothes its listener with a comforting and relaxing beat. But then the song hits you when it picks up pace and volume with an emotional shift that feels like the numb feeling of a breakup followed by the determination to move on when the hurt is gone.

“Hot and Heavy” is enchanting. It has a beat that seems to grab you and pull you along even as it picks up and builds. Dacus’ voice is stunning as well as she sings through lyrics that tell a stunning story of how expectations aren’t always accurate with what a person is truly about. 

Finally, we have to give respect to “I Dont’ Wanna Be Funny Anymore”, which was arguably Dacus’ breakthrough hit. The song has a strong message of growing past one’s past to push towards their dreams. And Dacus’ voice and the backing guitar absolutely nail it at making a mesmerizing melody that you won’t want to miss.